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22 May Newsletter

2017-05-22 -
Subject:  IT247 - Where is James

IT 247s Quick update.

it has been a very crazy last 2 weeks for me. I have been doing
daily commutes to the city of San Francisco as My father has been
there and continues to be there for a transplant for the recent
bout with cancer.

It takes a lot of time away from the day as many know having a
loved one in this fight.

The whole family is doing well and we are optimistic that all is
going to turn out well.

Now I want to take some time to say I am sorry. No excuses or
anything like that, my primary objective is to be with my father
and when I get home to spend some time with my wife and daughter.
Leaving me very little time for much else on a daily basis.

This is not going to last forever in fact there will be some
changes in the next two to 4 weeks. I will be at home much more
when but in full time care of him here at the house. And 2 to 4
months later life will go back to normal.

I will get to approvals and any and all other aspects of the
sites day to day But for now they will be slow. I hope every
member understands that this is a difficult time and time is very
limited. But I do thank everyone who continues to support the
site and surf the site.

Thank you again and Im so sorry. Things will get better and
better in the coming months. 

James Dias
 TE Blaster

IT247:-1 (-1) sent Mon, 22 May 2017 13:05:03 -0500
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