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11 Apr Newsletter

2017-04-11 -
Subject:  IT 247 - April Newsletter

IT 247s April Newsletter.

Its newsletter time.  I have personally been surfing more the last
couple days and am going to get better at sending out bonus emails
AS I see them a couple times the last few days I list my connection
and didnít save the notepad.    Silly mistake but I learned my

Over 12,000 Votes last month. The top List is in the members area
EVERY month. I post the results of results of VS-IT and  also show
the top sites where referrals are coming from.  Its updated once a month.
VS-IT is your affiliate links as long as you have added your IDís
and then IT becomes a seriously great downline builder that can be
XXXXX  < this is your affiliate url just add your ID number

NEW blog Post
My thoughts and feelings on all sorts of topics.

UNDER construction
Account enhancements/upgrades is going to be coming back in pretty
short order. I am sorry for the lack of options in this department.
Member profile Pages are going to get some attention. I will let
everyone know when this is complete.

Last Thing
Keep promoting IT is an awesome way to make sure you always have
traffic going to your affiliate pages. with VS-IT and the extra
Hits you get to your account you can build your downlines faster.
VS-IT is also part of the Splash page rotator, so it is already

That is all I have for now. Thank you for reading,
James Dias
 TE Blaster

IT247:-1 (-1) sent Tue, 11 Apr 2017 13:51:28 -0500

30 Mar Newsletter

2017-03-30 -
Subject:  IT 247 - 6 years of traffic exchanging.

IT 247 6 years online.

Good morning Traffic exchange fans,

Many people know im not one for long sappy emails. But today
is a whole lot different then normal.  
( I dont do emails much at all)

Today Internet Traffic247 is 6 years old.

At the time of writing this email IT has now 24,520 members
all time. Its all because of amazing members People who gave
IT a shot and like IT.

IT has not been easy. It takes some seriously thick skin and
to understand nothing is personal. Itís a business. Made some
amazing friends along the way and parted company with others.
Its all part of being who you are and sticking to who you are.

I am lucky in regards to having a site that has been online
for 6 years now and has grown well over them 6 years. Im also
very lucky that members have been supporting IT since day one
are still supporting IT to this very day. 

Janid Inayat joined day one and sent me this testimonial all
them years ago:
ďAs you may know it is not often that I actually
help launch a site. When I do its because I believe
in the person behind the site.

James Dias launched IT! :)

Basically IT allows you to connect IT all together,
your sites, ads, social sites all connected, on this
in one new unique manual traffic exchange.

Check IT out yourself:

Janid Inayat
247TrafficPro.comĒ Ė Is now

and Bob Boulris joined with in the first 24 hours and Still
uses his IT page everyday

So thank you one and all for the amazing support for the last
6 years and thank you for the help feedback and hard work you
put into helping me make IT 247 better and better everyday.

Have a great day,

James Dias
 TE Blaster

IT247:-1 (-1) sent Thu, 30 Mar 2017 12:06:58 -0500

16 Mar Newsletter

2017-03-16 -
Subject:  IT247- Three great no cost tools

IT 247s Tools with no cost and big returns.

OK here we go!

I want to say, Im very sorry I have been so quiet for the last
2 weeks, itís been a challenging time to say the least. But im
getting back in to the work mode.

Enough about me

Today I want to talk about number tools that I cannot live
First  tool Skype.
I love skype almost too much. Skype is a no cost tool that
connects thousands of people in the traffic exchange Niche
everyday. Its like chat, but better. Connect with on demand
ask questions pop in topics and use it as a tool to learn and

Here is my personal skype   Connect with ME (James Dias)
(use this for support or any issues you have or just chat with
me about Traffic exchanges)

And here is our group chat for pretty much anything  DMW room.
Join us here

Second tool Google analytics
Google analytics again no cost to use and pretty easy to set
up. If you are not tracking every hit you can, you are going
to spin you wheels in the mud. Knowing what sites are
delivering traffic and which ones take 20000 hits per signup is
everything. Imagine knowing how to increase you signup rate by
200 percent by surfing the right exchanges. While you minimize
your time at lower preforming sites.
Check out Google Analytics

Third tool is Affiliate funnel.
I picked Affiliate funnel based on the size and the incoming
referrals to my site. AF has a support team behind it so
delays are small at best.   and again no cost to use.

Affiliate Funnel ranking system is something I look at weekly
to see that others surfers are thinking about sites.  Please
take a second to vote for us, and a couple other sticker sites too.

Rank Top Sticker sites Here

This is a lot to take in but if you are using all three
together you will be able to improve your results. Work out
special deals with owners and know where the results are
coming from.

Have a great day,

James Dias
 TE Blaster

IT247:-1 (-1) sent Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:30:54 -0500

01 Mar Newsletter

2017-03-01 -
Subject:  IT247 -March Update.

IT 247 -March Update.

Good morning Traffic exchange fans,

New month so we have some new top traffic exchanges.
In the members area you will find the top sites vote by
members for February  (Over 10,000 votes) as well as the top
sites for referrals based on hits per signup.

I do this so that every member of IT247 Knows what sites are
getting results to IT and what other members think. For me
itís a great tool to have.

I have also added 4 sites to VSIT and the downline builder.
I think that adding some fresh sites from time to time keeps
things interesting.  So make sure you fill in your IDís so
that when you promote the most dynamic and engaging downline
builder of all time. They are your affiliate links.

And Last we are working on a bug that has stopped referral
emails from going out when a new member joins under you.  I
will track it down and get it fixed asap.  Everything is
working normally aside from that.

Alright,  thatís all for now but I have some more updated
for you throughout the month. Have a great week and talk to
you soon.

James Dias
 TE Blaster

IT247:-1 (-1) sent Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:26:39 -0600

18 Feb Newsletter

2017-02-18 -
Subject:  Weekend bonus at IT247

Trying something different this weekend. In the members area of IT in the Green Box. This is where im surfing this weekend (you will understand the new green box when you see it.) just log in and see who is on the list Its simple if I see an IT247 page Im going to click to see who it is and add 100 Hits to that members account on the spot. SO simple and I hope to give away 1000s of hits this weekend. All the best, James Dias IT247:-1 (-1) sent Sat, 18 Feb 2017 11:45:43 -0600

01 Feb Newsletter

2017-02-01 -
Subject:  IT247 - January top Traffic exchages and 2 new DLB sites.

IT 247s DLB 2 new sites & Top sites updated.

Greetings IT Crew,

I have updated the members are of both the top rated traffic
exchanges by members and By results per 1000 hits. I try to
update this list every month so that everyone here knows what
sites are worth you hard earned time Money and effort. Because
the members vote and referrals sources are counted is the best
of both analytics to me.

I have also added a couple sites to the downline builder for
this months VSIT.
With over 12,300 votes counted and thatís because I removed 2
sites last monthÖ. Not too bad.

Build your downlines in 30+ traffic exchanges with the most
engaging downline builder in the business.


its frame safe and can be added to any and all traffic
exchanges. And best of all they are all you Affiliate idís
(provided you filled in your IDís at the listed TEís)

All the best and thank you for being IT,
James Dias
 TE Blaster

IT247:-1 (-1) sent Wed, 01 Feb 2017 23:07:42 -0600

31 Jan Newsletter

2017-01-31 -
Subject:  IT 247 - New Splash for you to use.

IT 247s New Tool to use.

Good Morning Webmaster

Today I am adding a new Splash page to the MIX. While
surfing I seen a crazy good looking splash page and I was
inspired to get it in the hands of amazing members like

I like this splash cause it scales to any size window and
its very clean with a clear call to action. Its perfect for
traffic exchanges PTC and Mailers.

It has already been added to the Rotator of Splash pages so
if your using this link it is already showing for you.

If not its been added to the Promote Tab in the members
area. And here it is:

Also if you havenít voted yet this month let us know who
you rank as the Best traffic exchanges in VS-IT
its so simple and shows other member what traffic exchanges
you like. your
vote counts and your voice is important to me and many

Good luck promoting today and remember that you get out of
surfing what you put into it.

Have anamazing day,

James Dias
 TE Blaster

IT247:-1 (-1) sent Tue, 31 Jan 2017 09:20:59 -0600
 Start claiming stickers today!

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