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This is a list of sites belonging to a particular user, along with average score based on in-surf voting.  Click on the site number to see details about the site score, as well as any comments provided.

User: 3-jamesdias
Ad #Ad TypeAd URLCurrent voting
380 Site www.thetrafficdance. 7.83 (12)
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475 Site no votes cast
7538 Site no votes cast
11332 Site internettraffic247.c no votes cast
12301 Banner - n/a -
18022 Site internettraffic247.c no votes cast
23663 Site internettraffic247.c no votes cast
25834 Banner - n/a -
26050 Mini Banner - n/a -
26101 Mini Banner - n/a -
34052 Site / no votes cast
34302 Site no votes cast
34303 Site no votes cast
34305 Site no votes cast
35780 Site www.topflighttraffic no votes cast
35781 Site no votes cast
35782 Site no votes cast
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