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Banners use credits to show. 20 banner impressions is only 1 credit used.

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Display Type : Banner
Initial State :    This controls whether this banner will begin to display if/when it is approved.
Banner Exchange :   This indicates if you wish this banner to show on other members' sites.
Description :
Destination : Test this link
Exclusive :    Only display with page using banner link.
Banner URL : Location of the graphic Test banner
Link Prompt :
  This is the text that appears if the user hovers their mouse over your banner

Assigned Credits indicates how many credits are available for this banner to be displayed.  A banner will only be displayed when there is at least 1 available credit in its account.  Credits can be manually pulled from your pile to keep the banner displaying. Note: This is an advanced feature.  Your account must be upgraded to at least 'Power Marketer' to control credit assignment.

Hourly Feed indicates how many credits per hour will be drawn from your pile to replenish the Available Credit count for this page.  This column shows either a number (credits per hour), or 'auto'.  If a banner is paused, Auto Draw is also paused.  "Auto" signifies that a credit will be pulled from your pile whenever needed (and available) to keep the banner displaying.   Note: This is an advanced feature.  Your account must be upgraded to at least 'Power Marketer' to control credit draw.

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